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FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 8:00am PST
the president will pic kick off a nr campaign. promoting the benefits of his signature health care law. ed henry is there at the white house with more on this. >> good to see you. republicans say they have found probably a dozen times or so over the last few years with her there has been this big pr blitz down toward his staff, when the sales pitch is there coming american public is not buying it, going to be well again and again, defend the controversial law. i do not have an alternative, if they wanted to repeal the president's health care law, they would not have anything that would deal with the millions of people who don't have insurance right now. also pushing back by noting about a million people visiting, they did not have any major crashes, there were issues of people waiting and whatnot, they are now turning the corner, but republicans are now saying there is too much focus on fixing the website, not enough on the substance of dealing with canceled policies and the like. take a listen. >> they are married for this political time when politics is mired in the website alon
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 8:00am PST
the media. it is nearly a year since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school and law enforcement officials and officials from the town are getting ahead of what will come. there is no public remembrance they say. they are asking media to stay clear of the town that suffered so freightly on december 14th last year. 20 young children and six educators were murdered that day on december 14th, 2012. this saturday, marks a year since that horrific event. as you can see the news conference is beginning. we'll monitor what the officials have to say and bring you any headlines moments from now. today's top headlines and brand new stories you will sear here first. jon: the obamacare website gets a makeover. new options are able if you're shopping. with deadline looming do the updates matter? >>> wild weekend weather across the u.s. and more is on the way. meteorologist maria molina on where people should be preparing now. >>> silicon valley versus washington. the nation's top tech companies teaming up to send a message to uncle sam. ease up on all snooping. it is all "happening now." jon:
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 8:00am PST
of enrollees getting the health care law work. the deadline to sign up for coverage next year is december 23. let's talk about with karl rove, a senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to president george bush. he is also a fox news contributor. that was part of her job when you are there to get the message out and get the programs in the public eye. can the president resell a program that has had such a difficult time? >> they had an enormously bad first impression and it is hard to convince people that this program isn't fundamentally flawed. there's a lot more bad news than there is good news. millions have lost their private insurance coverage and they are finding that when they go on the website, they are paying higher premiums and higher deductibles in many cases, and they will find out if they don't have access to all the doctors and providers that they are familiar with. jon: when the president does what he did yesterday and we presume he will be doing something like this again today, he brings people again up on stage, who he says have been positively benefited by the affordable ca
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am PST
planning to sign up for insurance on the health care exchange. and young people are key to the law's success because they're the ones needed to offset the cost of insuring older, less healthy people.ç without them policy experts say obamacare and its numbers simply will not work. jonah goldberg is a fox news contributor and editor at large of "the national review" online. lynn sweet is washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times". i want to start with a look at a headline today from "the washington post". here's what it said. it said enrollment surges at u.s. online health care exchange. they're braggifg- jonah, about the fact that they got 56,000 people to sign up over three days in december. what do you think about those numbers, and what do you think about that headline? >> well, you know, any rise from zero or, essentially, zero is mathematically very large and can be called a surge. it doesn't mean that those numbers are actually hitting what they need to hit. they need 200,000 people to sign aeát with the number of cancellations that they've already had. moreover, w
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 8:00am PST
about the effect, unexpected effect of the law on her practice. >>> a helicopter crashing into a crowded pub. coming up a live report on this deadly accident. plus the latest on the cleanup effort ahead. jon: while much of the focus on obamacare has been on the glitched website and how the law affects folks signing up for insurance there has been little attention to how doctors and other health care provide remembers affected, especially those who might operate outside of any insurance network. for that perspective i'm joined by karina wu, a physical therapist who always has been an out of network practitioner. help our viewers understand what that means. you set your prices and insurance companies tell you how much they're going to reimburse, right? >> out of network provider is a health care practitioner that does not contract with an insurance company. so we are not capped by a reimbursement rate, like an in-network provider is. jon: if you were to do that, if you were an in-network provider for lots of insurance companies how does that affect your business? >> means we rely more on v
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am PST
'll bring you the very latest. >>> plus as americans scramble to catch up on the new health care law. new accusations dozens of russian diplomats may have been scamming our existing system for big bucks. more on what they're accused of doing. >>> a hiker survives in freezing temperatures after falling down one of the most popular volcanoes in the country. hear about her dramatic rescue, all "happening now." jon: well, a wicked ice storm takes aim at america's midsection. hello, i'm jon scott. >> hello, everybody, happy friday to do you, i'm jenna lee. freezing rain and sleet and snow. watches and warnings are already in effect for multiple states stretching from texas you will all the way into ohio as millions and millions people line the path of this early winter storm. jon: nothing but rain outside of our windows right now. texas, snow and freezing rain created huge mess on the road, also in the skies. hundreds of flights already canceled in dallas alone. in new mexico, people there are digging out as much as six inches of know fell in albuquerque, closing schools and bringing that city
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6